Wake Up! Mercury Is At The Door With A Delivery For YOU.

Shining Bull Astrology
9 min readDec 6, 2019

The planet Mercury is a prince, is Bisexual, is Queer, is at the same time a young attractive cis-het-husband stealing cis-Femme, an endless and brilliant scholar and a bastard child. There is no such thing as a bastard child, but Mercury enjoys surprising with language.

Mercury is like the metal mercury itself which in its purest and medicinal form is called Parad in India. Mercury is the being called Budh and they were conceived from an illicit affair between the Moon and the wife of Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) who’s name is Tara. The Moon is the mind and Jupiter is pure wisdom, so Mercury is the intellect.

Although their birth was an unpleasant surprise for Jupiter, Jupiter adopted Mercury as their own child after seeing how incredibly brilliant the child was as a student.

Mercury is the lord of the signs Gemini and Virgo and is therefore very talented with languages, with learning new subjects and skills and with accounting and written or typed communications, as well as real-world communications of the physical being from one place to another, which we call commuting.

Mercury is currently famous in popular astrology for their noisy and frequent retrograde which is known to be a troubled time for delivering Your messages or getting Yourself from one place to another. However, when You understand the deeper territories presided by Mercury, then You know that Mercury is much more. These territories are the Nakshatras or constellations ruled by Mercury, namely Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revathi.

Without Mercury there is no Moksha. Mercury is that final barrier between this world and the next world, whichever that next world may be. Mercury is the entirety of the plant’s internal organic structure as well as the tree which is our own human nervous system. Mercury is the capacity to alchemize one reality into another one, and that includes visualization and just pure magic.

Mercury brings informative messages both in the form of other people, or in any other form that they see fit. When You pay attention to Mercury’s transits in general, then You learn a lot about the rhythms and reasons for all of the happenings in Your own singular life.

On Sunday, December 8th, Mercury leaves its most recent “retrograde shadow” which is the zone which is marked on one end by the degree point where Mercury will change direction and start going forward again, once…