Trading Signals for btc and ETH Traders

Shining Bull Astrology
2 min readMay 11, 2023


Hello All! I would like to announce my new trading signals service which launches this Sunday.

Every Saturday I will send You the coming week of trading signals which cover from that Sunday at 00h00 UTC through to the following Monday 23h59 UTC inclusive. I will send this to Your email address in pdf format.

These trading signals show the precise times in UTC that the Moon shifts Rashi (Sign,) Nakshatra (Vedic constellation,) and Nakshatra pada (a specific piece of this constellation,) as well as when other planets do so. They also show when Moon enters into, hits exact at and exits the 3º orb of aspect to other transiting planets. They furthermore show whenever Moon is interacting with planets in the natal charts of Bitcoin and of Ethereum.

For each of these timestamped planetary movements, I will be describing the type of effect that this shift will have over the financial markets. Sometimes I mention whether I See price going up or down, but sometimes I only mention the type of reaction that the planetary movement will have over the markets (for example, reversal of trend, unexpected sudden change of direction, optimism, fear and so on.) All signals will be in UTC even though the Astrologer Maya Raghavan is physically located in Newfoundland, Canada.

These trading signals are intended specifically for professional traders who are using their own technical indicators along with these time based astrological signals. If You are not a trader using technical indicators, astrological time based signals are not enough to base Your trades on. However for traders these signals can prove to be valuable as they give another trigger where movements will take place.

Please note that if You order this package any day after Sunday at 00h00 UTC, I will only start sending You the signals beginning the following week, as I send out the signals every Sunday. This package is a much better deal than ordering one week at a time. *FOR A LIMITED TIME ORDERING THIS MONTHLY PACKAGE I GIVE YOU A FREE ONE QUESTION SERVICE, NORMALLY PRICED AT $80 CAD.

To check this service out in the case it may be of interest you can head to my website right here: