All, on 5th and 6th July i see another fierce BTC drop. It’s because this is a manipulated situation.

I have more details on the Patreon as well as much more:

BTC price is going to have another big low or two within the next two weeks (one of…

All, I have finally started a Patreon. Please check out the details here:

Best wishes to You.

All, please find me on my Telegram channel (highly recommend this) and/or Instagram where I have posted an important Stock Market Prediction.

My Telegram channel:

On Instagram: shiningbull_astrology


Greetings, All. I have just published this fascinating book that takes an astrological perspective on Tesla giving You extensive TSLA price predictions from now through to the end of 2023 based on hard data that works. (Amazon Associate link)

I wholeheartedly recommend TESLA AND ASTROLOGY to any of…

Shining Bull Astrology

This is crypto-accepting Vedic Astrologer Maya Raghavan. Please feel welcome to visit to read, watch and consult!

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